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Our pricing is tailored for your needs. Small goals: get our weekly plan. Otherwise sign up for a monthly plan to get our best offer.

Our pricing model

Designing a great product is not a one-off effort. Thatโ€™s why we prefer long-term paths. But weโ€™re able to achieve tangible results also in one week. Challenge accepted?


For quick works, with a defined scope

  • All design skills

  • Tangible results from the #1 week

  • Outcome-oriented iterations

Save 20%

Monthly subscription

For companies growing fast and with many needs.

  • Everything in Weekly Sprints, plus:

  • Strategic support for long-term plans

  • Weekly checkpoints

  • Ongoing support for dev and product teams

  • Product Analytics setup and improvements

What do you get by choosing Donux?

Outsourcing vendors and Freelancers are great choices, but if youโ€™re serious about designing for SaaS, you canโ€™t go wrong with Donux!

What you getOutsourcing vendorFreelancer
Designers with expertise in design for SaaSโœ…โŒโŒ
All design skills (Research, UI, Analytics)โœ…โœ…โŒ
Support for dev product teamsโœ…โŒโŒ
Tangible results starting from the #1 weekโœ…โŒโŒ
Scale with your needsโœ…โœ…โŒ
Mentorship for your product teamโœ…โŒโŒ
Specialized, but Full-Stack team membersโœ…โŒโŒ
Human touchโœ…โŒโœ…

Frequently asked questions

Still in doubt? Check out our frequently asked questions! If you have questions that are not listed here, write us!