Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

We observe, research and interview your users, to understand better the market and define the business opportunities for you.

How user opinions can help you grow

Quite simply: UX research gets feedback from target audience (s) on a product.

This says the target audience, not the users. Because? Often, UX research focuses not on those who already use a product (users) but on those who could use it (the target audience).

This process increasingly reveals the weaknesses, needs, motivation, fears of a target audience and how they use or connect to a product.

How does it work?

Here is the typical timeline of the research cycle that we use at our UX studio:

We prepare a plan: we formulate research questions. We articulate the type of desired results.

We recruit participants: we find the right people to try with. We invite them and set appointments. They will only answer questions about your products.

We conduct research: we use the most advanced methods to conduct (and record!) user tests with participants.

We synthesize: we analyze and synthesize the results. and share them with the team.

If necessary, we modify the test script, the prototype or the research plan and start again!


  • Features accepted and tested by users

  • High level user interface

  • Clear definition of how to develop things


  • Analysis and research to support the agreed features

  • A complete high-fidelity prototype with lots of assets

  • A roadmap ready to be developed.

Doing research does not require months of work and tons of money

Did you know that in just two weeks, with the right people and the right questions, you can do the research you need to revolutionize your product for the better?

What we do is to understand what state your product is in and only then do we decide what type of user search to carry out.

We differentiate our methods in the following stages:

  • Research

  • Validation

  • Prototype

  • Measurement

We’ll help you build the right product

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