We are not the usual agency

We are not the usual agency

We are not the usual agency

Donux is a digital maker studio that aims to help you build the perfect product for you and your customers.

We are makers.

We value facts over words.

A maker is a person who needs to create.

We want to create value by doing everything necessary to achieve your goals.

We don't like getting lost in words, we love facts that bring results.

Our values

Digital passion

Creating digital products is not only our job, but our passion. We are hobby makers, rather than by profession. We think, breathe and design digital products at all times.

Outcome driven

Our approach is to start from the end. "Why do we do it?" is our mantra. Just as in a journey, deciding the destination is always the first step, so in design it is important to define the objectives you want to achieve and a way to measure them.

Life first,
work follows

Work-life balance is of fundamental importance to us. We believe that satisfied and happy people will achieve better results on equal terms. This is why we work remotely, mainly asynchronously, and for objectives.

Teach by example,
learn by doing

These principles were born from our experience. We never suggest anything if we don't do it first in our company and on our products. In addition, experience is the best teacher. It can only be read up to a certain point. Then it is important to put into practice what has been studied.

Our Mission

We help digital companies to build the right product in the right time, with the right budget.

We started Donux because we were tired of seeing companies wasting time and resources building digital products that don’t generate revenue and that people hate to use.

We usually work with…

Startup Founder

We have worked on the launch of different products and startups and we know exactly what the difficulties are along the way. We care about validating their ideas, finding users' needs and accompanying them to a launch.

Product Owner/Manager

Our experience in medium-large companies to create new products or renew existing products. In addition to designing UX solutions, we help companies structure the processes of their product and design teams.

How we work:

How we work:

How we work:

Design team as a Service

Design team as a Service

Design team as a Service

We believe that building products is a team-wide effort. That’s why co-design is central to all of our activities. With our interactive workshops, we work with your team to ensure every detail is taken care of.

Contrary to many agencies, we work side by side with your internal team to ensure the product’s success. Every time we work together, you get colleagues more than consultants!

Our team

We are a small studio, and we choose to stay that way. We don't think being in so many brings us any advantages when it comes to creating great products- on the contrary!

Want to join us?

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We're part of the startup studio

Startup Bakery is an Italian startup studio and we specialize in building SaaS companies with a B2B target. Every project combines a simple user experience, advanced data gathering and processing as well as AI elements.

Donux works alongside Startup Bakery to help founders and entrepreneurs create the right product and make every startup successful.

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We work with teams and products at the forefront of innovation and technology

Social Innovation Teams

Social Innovation Teams




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Inner Trends



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