Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Announcing Byte: a design subscription assisted by AI

Your design team, for a flat monthly fee

Your design team, for a flat monthly fee

Our pricing is tailored to your needs: you can start with our unlimited design subscription or get a full team and get started!

Our pricing model

Donux's mission it to help B2B SaaS companies at all stages with great product design. Just starting out? Read our guides or use our design subscription. Ready to hire your team? We can start tomorrow!

Scoped project

Product Design Team



Best if you have a clear idea of the outcomes you want to achieve

Clear timeline and deliverables

Fixed meetings

Focused work

Dedicated Slack Channel

most popular



Best value: share a designer with another company and save money

1 Shared Product Designer

All the design skills you need

Bi-Weekly remote meetings

Dedicated Slack Channel

Access to all Donux digital products

Fixed monthly fee


$ 4k

/ m

1 out of 3 booked

Dedicated Team

A full-stack product and design team at your disposal.

2 Senior Product Designers

1 Lead Designer

Weekly remote meetings

Monthly strategy call with founders

Dedicated Slack Channel

Byte subscription (2.5K€ value)

All Donux digital products

Coook, our custom Design System

Fixed monthly fee

Price: less than hiring one!

Other pricing options

Building startups is hard, and we understand that every company has different needs. That's why we crafted these options to give you the best value for price.

Early stage

Do It


If you’re just starting out, read our guides for free or buy our digital products.

Free Product & Design resources

UI Templates

Product templates

Framer Templates



If you know what you want, but you don’t have a designer to do it for you

Unlimited requests and revisions

2-days turnaround

Fully async: no meetings

Dedicated Web & Mobile App

Access to Generative AI Tools

Fixed monthly fee

Pause or Cancel anytime


$ 1k


Frequently asked questions

Still in doubt? Check out our frequently asked questions! If you have questions that are not listed here, write us!

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What do you get by choosing Donux?

Outsourcing vendors and Freelancers are great choices, but if you’re serious about designing for SaaS, you can’t go wrong with Donux!

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