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The first post is an important one, isn't it?

The first post is an important one, isn't it?

Giustino Borzacchiello
Giustino BorzacchielloJun 21, 2020
Gustavo, Donux's mascotte, with eyeglasses
Gustavo, Donux's mascotte, with eyeglasses
Gustavo, Donux's mascotte, with eyeglasses

The first blog post is always something to celebrate.

In this case, it is double because we are both inaugurating the Donux blog and Donux as a Product Design and UX studio.

Why Donux

The idea of ​​helping startup founders and companies create their digital products had been in our minds for a while.

We don't want to be just the arm: we want to support and help Makers create products that work.

Many agencies and consultancy centers sell Design or UX as much by the kilo as if it were a checkbox in the list of a digital project.

This is not the case for us.

Our mission

Donux's mission is to help companies and startups build the right product at the right time, with the proper budget. And this goal inspires and guides all the decisions we make daily.

Helping digital companies build the right product at the right time, with the proper budget.

The right product

Let's start with an assumption that could make someone turn up their noses: a product is only a vehicle for the value that your startup wants to give to your customers.

If it were possible to pass this value without building products, that would be the best way! The product is, therefore, a means, not the end.

Unfortunately, in many companies, the product's construction is the main reason for being, and we find ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of building functionality and running after competitors.

There is another way.

Building the right product means creating the right channel to convey your vision to your customers. So there's no need to make dozens and dozens of features if three are enough for your audience to appreciate the value they receive.

It means constantly asking, "Why are we building this functionality?", "How does it help us achieve business goals? And what value does it bring to our customers?".

These are difficult questions to answer, and taking refuge in the ongoing construction of functionality is easier.

The right time

"Our plan includes the first delivery in one month."

How many times after involving a partner in a project and describing your idea have you found yourself having to wait months before receiving feedback on what has been created?

In the digital environment, we have talked about Agile and Lean for years. However, we are still stuck in an ancient vision of project management.

The request to define a priori in detail all the project requirements and fit into clauses with a super armored contract are still the norm.

But how is it possible to harness an innovative idea with such a short-term vision?

The idea of ​​a digital product must be free to breathe, feed on the discoveries made week after week, and evolve according to the market response.

This is why our proposal always starts with very short cycles, with weekly releases and checkpoints, precisely because we have created so many products. We know that the decisions of the week before could be completely upset by the discoveries made today.

The right budget

Typically, Design agencies work on a per-unit basis (fixed price with a fixed deadline) or on time and materials (price per day/week) with the result in the first case of placing the burden on themselves of the requirements that change or worse, of giving this weight to the customer in the second case.

One of our strong points is that every collaboration must be a win-win on both sides: the client must know that he is getting the correct value from the job and the agency.

No multi-year blocking contracts at stratospheric prices: we know that the best way to have lasting collaborations is to offer exceptional jobs with tangible results.

What do we do

At this point, you may be wondering how we can help you.

In Donux, we design digital products and take care of the user experience (UX), up to creating the graphic interface and its components (UI).

We try not to sell services, but paths: every product is different and we think that you can't put a sprinkle of design on it and call it done.

That's why we crafted a set of paths so that we can walk with you during your journey.


It is Sunday afternoon as we write these conclusions, and we are excited to put this first post online.

Every journey begins with a single step. We have decided on the destination. We will do many iterations on this path too, but this is the beauty of our work 😃.

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Giustino & Giuseppe

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