Welcome to Donux: Hannah Jones

Donux is growing again: let's welcome Hannah as our new Product Designer

Donux is growing again: let's welcome Hannah as our new Product Designer

Giustino Borzacchiello
Giustino BorzacchielloMay 13, 2022
Hannah Jones, new Donux Product Designer
Hannah Jones, new Donux Product Designer
Hannah Jones, new Donux Product Designer

We're pleased to welcome Hannah Jones to Donux as a full-time Product Designer! Based in Bari, Italy, with experiences in all parts of the world, Hannah will help us design better and better products!

We’re excited to have her on board! Welcome, Hannah!

What made you want to apply to Donux?

I was looking for the chance to work within a company that really values design. Good design is necessary to build useful, innovative and user-friendly products, so this was number one on my list.

I had my eye on jobs in LinkedIn and one day, Donux’s advert popped up. I loved the honesty and clarity of it: not only are they a close-knit team that take design seriously, but they have a real commitment to having a healthy work-life balance. As soon as I read all this, I knew I had to apply!

Through the interview process, I got to meet the founders and then the whole team and it was very obvious that the advert was completely true. I’m extremely happy to be part of the team now 🙂

What are you going to work on?

I'm working on a range of products! I am helping:

  • one product team redesign their entire B2B2C marketplace, which will focus strongly on UI and design, while keeping an eye on signups conversion rates;

  • another client create a new way of displaying information for their technicians helping with repairs. They are currently jumping between 4 different databases, and our goal is to ease onboarding for new hires and reduce pressure on second level support teams;

  • and an existing product team understand how well the current solution for their core activity is working and if it needs further modifications (with user interviews and reporting our findings).

Tell us your story!

I started off working as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher around the world for about 5 years. This gave me amazing opportunities to live in Japan, France and Italy, where I met my husband and have settled down.

The main thing I love about teaching is seeing how different students respond to the same lesson plan. I found myself creating my own materials in order to create custom learning experiences and this eventually developed into working full-time in software companies as an educational designer.

While working in various small tech teams, I worked with each department and I saw how much my work overlapped with UX design. You always need to keep your users/learner at the heart of your solution, devise solutions and test them to see if they work.

I love creative problem solving so it felt like a natural next step to qualify as a UX designer to gain more skills as a designer. Since then, I’ve had a chance to work on apps, video games and websites and I look forward to growing my experience even further with Donux!

Want to join us? Let’s talk! We’re always looking for great talents!

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