UX Check-up

UX Check-up

UX Check-up

A three days process to find usability issues in your products and improvement opportunities.

From trouble to opportunity in a flash

Our UX Check-up is a valuable method to discover usability problems, complementary to usability tests. They are often performed by a person with experience in usability and the principles of human behavior and result in a list of usability problems and strengths, along with recommendations for solving such problems.

How does a

UX Check-up work?

We evaluate the different dimensions of your digital product and reveal which areas or features need to be addressed first, in order to improve the user experience.

Our team of UX experts follows a well-planned scientific process divided into two parts: UX evaluation and user research.


  • Quick win to be applied quickly

  • Improved conversion rates

  • Greater user engagement

  • Fewer support requests

  • A better perception of the brand


  • A comprehensive report describing our designers' UX suggestions, grouped by topics and themes

  • A presentation with practical advice on what to improve

  • A product roadmap divided into activities on how to proceed to implement our suggestions

Get to know each other with minimal effort.

Before trying to edit various random things on your app or site, UX professionals review your business and user goals as well as your analyzes.

Our UX Check-up is accessible to everyone, has a minimum commitment and helps you to distribute tasks and responsibilities in a more structured way. Only in this way will you be able to develop your product faster and easier!

We’ll help you build the right product

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