Welcome to Donux: Marco Amato

Donux is growing again: let's welcome Marco as our new Product Designer

Giustino Borzacchiello

Giustino Borzacchiello

We're pleased to welcome Marco Amato to Donux as a full-time Product Designer after his internship experience with us! Based in Cuneo, Italy, but a real nomad in his heart, Marco has already made significant contributions to our client’s products!

We’re excited to have him on board! Welcome, Marco!

Are you excited to join Donux? Why?

I am super honored to have the opportunity to join the Donux team as a full-time employee.
The most inspiring thing about my job is the chance to bring change and improve people's daily lives, even in minor things.

And Donux allows me to do that!

In addition, the corporate culture of Donux is vital to me: the ability to work remotely and asynchronously allows me to be a digital nomad and work from wherever I want.

Last but not least, I feel that here I can grow both personally and professionally, thanks to the quality of the projects and the environment in which you work.

Tell us a bit about the work you’ve already done in Donux and what you will work on?

In my six-month internship, I worked on several projects. I took on existing projects and followed new ones from start to finish.

I love trying new things and experimenting: working in a studio that follows digital products in different fields gives me the chance to change projects relatively quickly and feeds my appetite for curiosity 🍿.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I studied computer science in high school and realized one thing: I don't want to do this in life.

So I enrolled at IAAD in Turin in the digital communication design course without having a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Here I discovered and became passionate about the world of user experience.

After graduating, I started this path as a product designer at Donux.

Want to join us? Let’s talk! We’re always looking for great talents!

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