Welcome to Donux: Vincenzo Radice

Donux si growing: let's welcome Vincenzo as our new Senior Product Designer

Giuseppe Mamone

Giuseppe Mamone

I’m really pleased to welcome Vincenzo Radice to Donux as our very first Senior Product Designer! Based in Milan, Italy, and with a background both in design and development, Vincenzo joins us after several years as a Lead Designer for MotorK, ProntoPro and Caffeina. His complete background both in SaaS products and consulting make him the perfect choice to help our clients build the right products while fostering a good culture of design.

We’re really excited to have him on board! Welcome, Vincenzo!

It's a real pleasure to join the Donux team by making my contribution to the growth of this ambitious project which aims to support and structure the growth of SaaS companies and digital products that are establishing themselves on the market.

Donux does this day after day by bringing within these realities a true and validated product culture that translates into new work processes and the definition of a new growth-oriented mindset.

In summary, I can say that Donux's goal is to help companies grow and scale in the right way by demonstrating that in a short time you can have positive results and make it clear that the achievement of objectives takes place in small steps, the important thing is to do them. In the right way with as little effort as possible.

What will you do in Donux?

What I said to Giustino and Giuseppe is that right from the start I had the feeling that I was hired by every single client I work with every day and that Donux was just a mindset, a set of processes and best practices following for the achievement of the objectives that each individual customer has set himself to achieve. So in summary… It's cool!

You will understand that even personal growth opportunities are very high, it's as if you were working for a company with many products with different markets and different objectives.

Speaking of growth and goals, in Donux everything is planned, validated and transformed into goals, whether they are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. In short, without using many big words, if you really want to work as a Product Designer should do in 2021, Donux is the right place.

Tell us about you

Being 35 years old and doing more or less this job for 12 years, I have witnessed a real evolution of the digital world, from the use and abandonment of Flash, to mobile first, to not using JavaScript anymore, to doing everything in JavaScript, from design thinking, to the UCD, passing through the Spotify Squads, to the design sprint and to the co-design, in short, I have seen many. What I have learned all this time is that:

  • you should always start by setting your objectives: the right tool to achieve the goal, be it a software, a framework, or a work process, will follow.
  • identifying the right problem to solve should take 80% of your time: solving it is the easy part.

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